Friday, October 7, 2016

Will Calaveras Enterprise publish building permits???

   There has been much controversy between Calaveras County Newspapers ever since the Nick Baptista won the bid to publish the legal notices and ads for Calaveras County and is now the official newspaper of record for Calaveras.  This is saving taxpayers quite a bit of money over what the Enterprise charged.

     The brand new Calaveras County News just published their first issue with legal notices, and is available around the county. You can subscribe by calling 772-2234.

    Now, according to Planning's Maurer,  the Enterprise wants to publish the names of all those who are permitted to grow cannabis.

   Will they also publish all the names of those who got building permits approved, or who have applied?? That is much more worthwhile.

   Maurer responding that the list is on the website. Is the list of building permits also on the county website???

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