Friday, October 7, 2016

Calaveras CAO leaving in December 2016--Bully Edson to blame???

   No one can blame Calaveras CAO Shirley Ryan for deciding to retire at the end of 2016. She has 26 years with the county.

   She has endured the Butte Fire and all the controversy concerning the Office of Emergency Services, which was dumped on Sheriff Kuntz by Supervisor Cliff Edson, and who some say, caused his demise.

   She also endures the endless bullying by Cliff Edson, who never seems happy with anything she does. Edson is in favor of ASPHALT plants in neighborhoods and is not a popular Supervisor.

   Edson ran initially on the environment and volunteering and it was apparently phony.  Those same people are no longer supporting him.

    He recently demanded a Special Meeting about appointing someone other than himself as OES for the County.     After that lengthy waste of time meeting, nothing was done!


Anonymous said...

Just maybe she wants to retire. According to some news reports, she was going to retire last year but decided to stay on another year. Everything isn't the supervisors fault.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, and thank you mr. Edson for your comment. Aren't you the chair? Everything is your fault! Get to your greasy spoon and wash some dishes. good try, tho.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Edson didn't leave the comment. A citizen from District 4 left the message.