Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Where will Jefferson secessionists go?

    There are a few strange people with signs about seceding from California to form a Jefferson County, just like in the Civil war days.

   Make California
WHITE again seems to be their mantra, just like Trump.  Where will they move when it doesn't pass. We understand the northernmost counties in the state will welcome them to form their own resistance or militia. 

    As for the rest of us, we don't need our taxes to be tripled, which is what secession would do to us.  We like having a diverse population and friends of multi-national heritage.  So, all you white supremacists, move north and leave the rest of us the h*** alone!!


Anonymous said...

And good riddance to all the 'deplorables' I say.

Anonymous said...

The State of Jefferson movement has bebeficial side effects. Sacramento is run by Southern California and the Bay Area. The rural counties have little if any say in what goes on. The State of Jefferson movement brings attention to the problems of the northern part of the state,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the bebeficial side effects are getting rid of the trash in Calaveras county.