Saturday, November 12, 2016

Who is the real Mike Pence??

Trump and Pence might be to cozy to be
served Pizza in Indiana
   Who is Mike Pence?  Most of us were too much absorbed in the foul-mouth at the top of that ticket to pay much attention to
the religious extremist Pence.

   Pence will be running the White House!  Trump is too dumb and too old to be interested in learning. Pence is the Governor who signed the Bill to allow businesses in Indiana to refuse service to people who are gay.

   It was so widely criticized that at the White House press dinner Obama joked that he and VP Biden were so close that they were afraid they would be refused pizza in Indiana. (not really funny)

   Pence also signed a Bill denying the right of an abortion for a fetus with a disability.

   He was a big supporter of the original Tea Party movement and he's got big ties to the billionaire Koch brothers. He was not likely to win re-election as governor of Indiana.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky us! We get "the foul mouth and more" for at least four years and probably eight - what a difference a day makes. Of all the decent people out there, we have to get this unbelievable (I can't put it in print).