Friday, November 11, 2016

Cliff Edson's record...Good riddance and happy dishwashing!!

   For those of you who might not have been paying attention for the past 4 years, there are many reasons why Cliff Edson has not been re-elected to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors.

  He began his 'career' by bragging that he was bringing all kinds of big businesses here for jobs.  That never came true!!

  Then he bragged that HE was the hero of the Butte Fire. Now that was a LIE!! He even brought his racist friends of Franklin Grahams' in to be praised at the BOS.  Sickening!!

   He got his fellow extremists Oliveira and Kearney to boot Chris Wright out of his rightful position at Chair of the Board, just like the jackass he is.

   Next he voted to bring an asphalt plant to a quiet neighborhood in Valley Springs.

   His next big vote was to give a big developer millions of free roads instead of making him improve them which was in an agreement with the county.

    What more could a bad Supervisor do?  He campaigned endlessly while at the dais. He allowed the racist on the Planning Commission to stay.  And on and on and on.   Goodbye Mr. Edson!! Good riddance, Mr. Edson. Happy dishwashing!!


Anonymous said...

You forgot what I In his usual abusing of power, he got his friends Olivera and Kearney to boot Ponte off of COG. The three are totally disgusting human beings, in my opinion

Anonymous said...

After the new BOS rejects the renewal of the urgency ordinance in February many businesses who have depended on farmers spending their $$ for good and services will close or sell out at fire sale prices. The local FRAGILE economy is about to nose dive. If the BAN people succeed and enforcement gets tough for the appointed sheriff the county may impose higher property taxes to cover this and all values will drop. STUPID people with self centered agendas are taking over this little county and are going to ruin it for years to come

Anonymous said...

He also bullied and bullied people. No one really likes him.