Monday, April 10, 2017

Admission to being PEEPING TOM?? Blue Tarp Gang again???

   We have reported suspected PEEPING TOM activities by a neighbor to the Calaveras County Sheriff many times.  Temporary sheriff Debasilio does nothing!

   We have reported three different cameras with hookups to computers and zooms
aimed at our back windows and door to try and get naked photos by two sick individuals.  Temp. sheriff Debasilio does nothing!

   Today we received an admission of being a PEEPING TOM, and mentioning blue tarps that only one neighbor of ours has.  This is a very SICK person who should be locked up in a psychiatric ward.

   We forwarded the admission to the Sheriff and we know this is a personal friend of his, so he will again do nothing.  The corruption begins and ends with a sheriff who is corrupt. Does he like peeping tom videos too?? Perhaps!!!   Do all Dirty Cops stick together to the end???


Anonymous said...

Understand cops seem to love peepers. All they have to do is search the email to the IP address and confiscate the computer to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with that. YEs, the email and IP are important in tracing, but the peepscum most likely keep it on separate cards they hide. We're talking porn here, aren't we?