Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Forests!! The only way to SAVE the EARTH!!

This is the way McClintock, Bigelow and Berryhill
like to see our forests! We need to throw them OUT!!
   The destruction of forest land by logging companies, often for nothing more than chips to ship to China, is killing our earth!!!

   The forests clean the air and left alone,
they could save the earth from devastation. Clear-cut and maimed by fire-burning furnace companies to make money (such as CHIPS) or logging companies who sell us out, will encourage global warming to grow worse.

   Our governor needs to wise up and protect us and our forests, the only way to save the EARTH!  He can stop it!!!  Let him know how you feel. Our Assemblyman Bigelow and Senator Berryhill, not
A natural forest includes the bushes that the birds and
other wildlife need to survive.
to mention our clear-cut loving Congressman McClintock, (who lives in Ami Bera's district) love to see the Earth dying.

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