Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Canada's building a WALL!!! No children!!!

   S E. Cupp unfiltered today was discussing Global Warming. She doesn't agree with people who are not having children due to overpopulation, which adds to global warming.

   Cupp states that we have not yet had to be refugees from a global warming situation!  Is she kidding?  What about the big fires in California, that out CalFire cannot extinguish?  What about the hurricanes?
   Fortunately we have so far been able to handle these refugees in other parts of the state or country. But when it gets warmer, we will have to head to Canada.  And we hear they are building a high wall to prevent us form overrunning their country.

   S.E. Cupp better do some more studying. Why would people want to bring children into a world where you cannot water your yard and therefore are more likely to burn down?

   Why would you want to bring children into a world where clear-cutting the forests is encouraged so that no water will be kept in the soil, but can be tunneled to LA?  Think this isn't happening?  Think AGAIN!

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