Tuesday, February 6, 2018

NO more TAXES!! NO to Oliveira and Clapp's TAX!! They are LYING!!!

Calaveras Guardian ALERT
   We can't believe that Oliveira and Clapp, already in tight election battles, would even consider putting MORE taxes
on the ballot.

  They say it's not a tax on US, but what happens is that they suck you in until nearly immediately, it IS a tax on residents.  NO MORE TAXES.

   Taxing tourists is just like taxing residents!!! Hurts the economy! Hurts everyone!! NO on more TAXES!!!

   They plan to give DiBasilio and his deputies (who do NOT deserve it) a BIG RAISE!! It will NOT end crime!  They are LYING!!!!


Anonymous said...

They have got to be kidding. just because they have cushy jobs doesn't mean the rest of the county has come back. and now they are killing the only well-off businesses, the cannabis industry. Are they nuts. They really do just want to pay off Dibasilio with even omore money and they will do less work.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning. Next it will be a special tax for cops, then a sales tax. these supervisors are no good