Saturday, February 10, 2018

Current Sheriff can't remember who...."Terry still on loose!"

   After the campaign rally that Oliveira and DiBasilio held in Arnold last month, we asked DiBasilio who in Colorado told him that crime is now so bad because of cannabis. He stated that at the rally!!

   DiBasilio told us that he threw away their cards and that it has been so long he doesn't remember now any names. hmmmmmm........Because we hear differently--not only is there now less black market crime, but the economy in general is better. 

   So, were the people he spoke with, if any, politically TRUMPLY motivated.  We need evidence from his witnesses!!!

   This meeting was supposed to be about why they can't stop crime and turned into a rally to tell the voters they want more tax money to pay their incompetent cops double the money. 

   GIVE US A BREAK, DiBasilio!!!! You still, as of February 10, 2018, have NOT caught your old friend TERRY!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sheriff is washed up. Never had guts to take a stand. Oh ya he was appointed not elected.
Farrakhan would make a better sheriff than good old sheriff rick. Just read through your employer history. Worked at the land fill...hmm ok I guess that got you prepared for sheriff. Stevens will take your votes but Garrahann will take your job.