Saturday, February 10, 2018

Who's paying for Calaveras attorneys??

   Every single lawsuit that is filed against the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors has to be defended by a
county attorney (County Counsel).  And this is only beginning!!!

   Will they have to hire more attorneys to represent them as the number of lawsuits grows.  Does what little insurance they have cover their attorney fees?

   The last time the county got itself into trouble it cost the TAXPAYERS bigly!!  Why can't these elected official stay out of trouble.

   The Board Chair Tofanelli is the main problem. He led the rest of the Board right into jumping off a cliff, not caring what the results would be for us, the taxpayers.

   All he cared about was that his so-called evangelical church people would not recall him. He got served with recall papers anyway,  and brought down all the rest of the chaos the county is now in.

   Board members do not have to PAY their own legal fees when they get sued!!  They should lose their pay at least, don't you think, Mr. Clapp???


Anonymous said...

I would like an accounting of the money spent on attorneys for these lawsuits caused by Gary Tofanelli, Dennis Mills and Clyde Clapp.

Anonymous said...

The Calaveras County Insurance deductible for each lawuit is $100,000. That does not cover any damages or payouts to resolve the suits. Really unfortunate three people can impose their ill will on the entire country with one vote. How much $ will this County lose in the coming year. They just reportedly have collected the second part of the Cannabis tax bill totaling, with application fees north of $17,000,000. Thank you Supervisors Tofennelli, Mills and Clapp for your poor leadership. This could and still an be a boom for this County "YES: to Cannabis Regulation

Anonymous said...

Ooh another big week is upcoming... The three idiots are yet again causing the County and its citizens' large sums of money for the illegal and immoral decisions made with great prejudice against an entire group and some individuals as well.

Thanks again, BoS for the poor leadership you have shown all who are watching.

So Alice, be very careful as not to continue your war of false words towards several whom you continue to call out as a whole. Defamation will be an expensive problem for you. Probably too late anyway as you are in the crosshairs of a respected LAW FIRM.

Anonymous said...

Alice who? Is that the Montgomery woman who is buds with Oliveira, Presotn and McManus? Tell us!

Anonymous said...

where is the Federal Government Attorney General? You know, the recused, little weasel?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean who's paying. Why, we the taxpayer are paying.