Friday, February 23, 2018

Fowler conviction thrown out!! Set free??? What about RACISTS?????

   Due to mistakes by the Calaveras District Attorney and Sheriff's department, the California State Court of Appeals has thrown out the conviction
of the brother of the dead girl.

   Whether the DA is planning on appealing this decision or going back to court all over again is unclear.  We do have a DA problem in Calaveras. She is up for re-election this year.

   Meanwhile, will the boy, who has been in prison for 5 years now, be set free???? We are very aware that they ignored a dire threat alleged against a racist in Calaveras regarding President Obama.

   Yook couldn't possibly try racists who threaten our President. She would rather, with help from the Calaveras Sheriff's department, try to frame children, wasting precious resources and letting racist violent creeps go free!!! 

   Thank you District Attorney Yook!!! She also failed to charge other racists due to she and we understand her deputy husbands feelings for them.  Sad for Calaveras!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you see the part about the Calaveras Sheriff standing by its investigation techniques with children under Captain Macedo and Gary Kuntzzz. Amazingly incompetent investigation, according to the appeals court.

Anonymous said...

Kuntz was drinkin heavily at that time, I heard and since a lot of it was on TV, you could see they screwed up the crime scene immediately, such a bad law enforcement bunch we have, including the DA

Anonymous said...

KWhy do you think Oliveira was so insistent that they appoint the bottom of the barrel DiBasilio to replace him. The cover up of Kuntz total incompetence and worse.

Anonymous said...

It is NO wonder why we are called the dumbest ass hicks in the state of california