Monday, February 12, 2018

Have you seen 'Are you pregnant' signs near churches???

   Nothing can be more scary to a normal thinking, intelligent woman than the ignorant signs you see plastered on fences near churches in Calaveras.

  One girl explained to us what happened when she called the number.  Of course, some male has made he pregnant and is now out of the picture, leaving her to suffer alone.

  The person who answered and then later 'counseled' her, told her that GOD wants her to have as many children as possible, that she need to give birth and then give it away if she decides not to keep it.

   This is following Trumps pronouncement that the WOMAN has to be punished in some way. If she has an abortion, she can get over it and move on, just like the man who abused her and ran.

  Carrying a baby and delivering will assure that the woman will suffer in punishment and guilt for the rest of her life, because Trump says 'the woman should be punished'!!!

   If you are pregnant and don't know what to do,  call the nearest Planned Parenthood or email the  We will send you to someone non-judgmental!!

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Anonymous said...

You're right about that. Do NOT call those numbers unless you are ready to be browbeaten into giving birth. They do it in a really sweet way.