Monday, February 12, 2018

Are all BAN proponents violent like Lori White????

   We have heard at least one anti-cannabis Calaveras Supervisor lie, stating that cannabis growers 'commit murder' or other crimes while
delivering their products.

   We have heard insults, and now violence has erupted in the Calaveras Board of Supervisor Chambers.  Is this an example of what Ban proponents are really like?

   It does seem that these are the real criminals in society, these are the phone so-called Evangelical Christians that are scaring normal people away from churches in American in droves.

   It does seem that these Ban people at hateful judgmental sociopaths, who become violent if they don't get their way.

   How many Lori Whites are there in Calaveras County???


Anonymous said...

OF course they are. Normal people who support cannabis are the ones afraid to go to meetings where these extremist violent people are.

Anonymous said...

retired pretend do you think she will act. once a cop always a cop.

Anonymous said...

The same violent bunch shows up in Angels Camp. They're nuts. The people and the council are terrified of them.