Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New City of Angels Camp Administrator visits businesses

   For the first time in the 18 years that we are aware of, the City Administrator is going around to visit business owners in town.

   Melissa Eads, accompanied by
Debbie Ponte of Destination Angels Camp, was just hired to replace Mary Kelly, who simply could
not handle the job, and is GONE!

   Businesses have been treated poorly under Mary and previous City Administrators, not to mention City Council members.  Everyone needs to give her a chance and prove she can do the job.

   Mary Kelly had sent out a Press Release that Melissa Eads only had a Bret Harte education!  That was a lie!  She has a degree and past experience running the Calaveras Council of Governments.

   Kelly was nothing but a problem, even when she was simply a clerk. She only got elected to that job because NO ONE ran against her.

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Anonymous said...

Wish her good luck. In that city she's probly gonna need it.