Saturday, February 3, 2018

Rumor: Tom Tryon vs. The Rat???

We have to get rid of
THE RAT--the
carpetbagging RAT
   We heard an interesting rumor today.  We heard that Tom Tryon is considering running against THE RAT McClintock for House of Representatives.

   How many of us would support Tryon over THE RAT??? Most all of us!  Hopefully, he will
seriously consider and then decide to run!!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Tryon should run against Bigelow!!

Anonymous said...

I'm for this one. Let's send the carpetbagging rat back to LA where he came from and belongs

Anonymous said...

If you watched the marijuana hearings, Tom Tryon could barely hold himself up by holding on and leaning against the speaker's podium. thanks Tom for the negative memories, but no thanks