Thursday, February 15, 2018

Violent racists tied to Supervisor Oliveira???

   With all the talk of violence in America today, following yet another mass shooting at a Florida high school, we need to talk about the alt-right and racist violence here in Calaveras County.

  Supervisor Oliveira's political campaign is mainly led by a man (said loosely) who was turned in
to Secret Service and we understand is still being followed (along with three other men and one woman) due to their racist threats and violence to those who voice against their deranged views.

   Michael Preston is the person witnessed by many threatening President Obama (SHOOT THE N*****) in a public place (with his fingers on both hands pointing like guns to the TV screen) and
his closest associates (friends), all names given to the FBI.

   You must, for the good of our county, NOT vote for anyone like Michael Oliveira who encourages the racist violence and personifies and supports any scumbag who cannot control their mental illness.

   These people should NOT have guns, per the GOP. Evil fanatics who do not believe in the 1st Amendment, except for their own hatefilled filth.

   As for the Sierra Sentinel, we will continue to speak up for TRUTH and HONOR, and against any corrupt, dirty, racist or evil and deranged cops or elected officials. 

  Threats to those who volunteer at the Sierra Sentinel to kill, rape, burn down the home and sick threats to animals, will not dissway us!  We WILL make Calaveras County a better place!!!

  Most of these alt-right racists belong locked up in mental institutions as they cannot handle the normal world, keep a decent job or stop themselves from hurting animals, people and property.

   We gave Supervisor Oliveira an opportunity to clean himself and remove those types from his circle and he chose NOT to.   Do NOT vote for Oliveira. HE is so bad for our county!!!


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding! His entire support is the racists in D3. Everyone knows what he is. Those people like him!

Anonymous said...

I turned one in myself last year. Hope they're following him too.

Anonymous said...

Is Merita Callaway the only Democrat in Disrtict 3? What is that other guy?

Anonymous said...

I think that langen guy is real extremist right

Anonymous said...

We aren't just known in the state as hicks because we are less educated. It's because of our backward thinking racist clans too

Anonymous said...

This is all such a shameful slur on our otherwise beautiful county.

Anonymous said...

That photo tells it all. We see it play out here in the form of anti-cannabis. Trump, the biggest racist in the country, they feel gives them empowerment over all of us. He and the rest of them are CRAZY LOONS!

Anonymous said...

Hope you call the cops and they don't show.

Anonymous said...

they gave him money last election. he has to be with them.