Thursday, February 15, 2018

Peggy Noonan: Why so many have ''murderous thoughts" these days?

   In talking about the violence in schools (18 school shootings in the US since January 1, 2018) Peggy Noonan, historian was asked what she thought about the hate
and violent thoughts many young people seem to have.

   Noonan replied to Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, "why do so many have MURDEROUS THOUGHTS these days" and stopped there.

   What do you think?  Where does all this hate and violent thoughts stem from?  We see it here locally with the alt-right Lori White allegedly assaulting a person she disagrees with at a public meeting in Calaveras County.

   We see it in Angels Camp, where people of moderate beliefs are terrified of even going to meetings where the alt-right are feared.  Where will it all end and who or what is responsible????


Anonymous said...

Liberal: Open and accepting of everyone
Conservative: Hateful of minorities, violent tendencies towards those who disagree with them, pretense of religion, often deranged.

Anonymous said...

This is so simple. I think Peggy Noonan is wonderful. Trump breeds hate and violence, chaos and can't even control his own white house.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct.