Friday, February 2, 2018

Why no challengers to Calaveras District Attorney??? Only in Calaveras? "Dirty Stinking rotten no-good cops"???

   What with all the criticism we hear about the current District Attorney, her constant abuse of women victims, her love of racists, (especially those
who threaten the President), her constant conflict of interest due to her husbands position with the Calaveras Sheriff, and just poor job in general (she can't even get a conviction for someone shot in the back), why are there NO challengers to the job?

   She also is known to love and protect the dirtiest of the dirty racist cops, who should have been incarcerated long ago.  Why is she still in office???  These people are a danger to all women, especially and she worships them.
   Yook has a documented history of being not only incompetent, but so protective of the worst fiends among the population, the violent racists, that it would not take much to defeat her.  Who, then????

   Someone please come and save us from the horrid person who cares not for anyone but herself and her racist friends??????  She is the most corrupt of the corrupt in Calaveras politics!!!

   Have you ever had to yell out loud to a cop "Dirty Stinking Rotten No Good Cops" about a District Attorney?  Only in Calaveras County??


Anonymous said...

Not only all of that i'm sure is true, but she prodded and abused the child who killed his sister, or is accused of it, instead of having him put in a treatment to help him. What if it was her kid??? She makes such poor decisions.

Anonymous said...

Have we ever had a decent district attorney?

Anonymous said...

There has to be someone who will challenge a bad DA!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know that she uses a different name so her daughter isn't embarrassed at school?