Saturday, February 3, 2018

What? Mueller not fired yet? Hannity will do it? FOX!!!!

  If you saw Hannity last night on FOX and believe everything they say, you know that if Trump won't fire Mueller, that Hannity will.

   Did you know that Richard Nixon once met with Roger Ailes about starting a right-wing network that would espouse whatever HE wanted. It didn't happen til later, but Trump has his own network.

   Hannity is so embarrassed because he was one of the first to come out and push for Trump; now they are all desperate to prop him up; then don't want to admit they were wrong or that he may be a
total crook!

   Or is it that they knew he was bad and didn't care; that they will do anything to try and get him off the hook for whatever he has done, to end the investigation into the Russian Mafia Family???

   You could feel it in Hannity's voice; believe me, believe what I'm saying about this memo; believe everything you hear on FOX!  The FBI are the criminals, right????

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