Friday, April 6, 2018

DiBasilio's phony PRESS releases??? Abuse of Power! Corruption!

   The heads of departments, especially the elected ones in Calaveras have the power to release information to the Press
as they wish.

   During the elections cycles, however, certain ones running for office, use it for the purpose of promoting themselves, even if falsely.

  For example, DiBasilio, who Oliveira got appointed to Sheriff even though he was the LEAST qualified according to the committee HE set up, is using his office as an ABUSE of POWER, sending out Press Releases of information that has NOT been proven.

   Be cautious if other media pick it up without verifying it. Corruption is rampant in Calaveras County, especially at the Sheriff's department.

   This is simply his way of getting FREE ads, using his office and power corruptly!


Anonymous said...

That's been his campaign strategy is to get his face and name in the paper. he needs to go!

Anonymous said...

He's just a regular racist like Olivera