Saturday, April 7, 2018

Letter to the Editor: No realtor as Calaveras Assessor!!

   Dear Editor:

   I am very concerned about this man Mutterities (I think they mean Muetterties) running for Calaveras Tax Assessor, because he is a realtor.

  His only purpose could be to RAISE assessed values so his real estate company can make more money on sales.  This is a conflict, isn't it?

   I know! I've heard that no one can stand him, that his company is not respectable and all that, but it is a deep concern that ANY realtor should control the county tax assessments.

   He should withdraw immediately, as his ethics are likely not high enough to serve anyway.'

   Arnold citizen


Anonymous said...

He is close friends with Oliveira. Never thought about real estate angle. Would make sense if his office had bulk transactions but they probably slow and just keeping the doors open. Not much is selling thanks to the Ban.

Anonymous said...

He has no business because he and his wife are racist sob's and gun crazy wacko's. All the other realtors do well in Arnold. Do you think they might be crooked?

Anonymous said...

His signs are so weird. What friends support??? Dumb! No business so he's trying to get a job?

Anonymous said...

Exactly he is looking for employment because they are not selling any real estate. Think how many new home starts would occur from regulated growers who lost their homes in the fire. Local contractors and labor would be busy. Local lumber and hardware bust. But because of the ban zero. County would also increase the tax roll from new home reassessments. Not with a ban. Steven's. Mills lanegan. Clapper. Stupid manipulative people.

Anonymous said...

I agree. No realtors!!

Anonymous said...

No one can stand the mutterites, no one