Monday, April 16, 2018

Women who will LIE for Trump....

   Trump just loves hiring women to go out in public and LIE for him.  Just this morning we have see three of them.

   Everyone expects KellyAnne Conway to spin and lie for Trump and she is doing so again this morning

  Even Sarah Huckaby is out there trying to lie for the man who hired her to lie for him on a daily basis.

  What seems somewhat shocking is that Ronna Romney, daughter of the man now running for the Senate in Utah, would so blatantly lie; including repeatedly calling the FBI Director a liar.

   Makes you wonder if we can actually trust her father to ever again stand up to Trump after he is sworn in come January of 2019.

   With the way Trump treats women, mostly as a 'piece of meat', we have to wonder what is wrong with these women. Are they that desperate for a job?


Anonymous said...

I think I was most shocked by Romney. She is the official voice of the Republican National Committee and has, at Trumps order, started a website devoted to lies about the FBI director. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Conway was sounding way too desperate on CNN this morning, way too desperate!