Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Callaway's Rim Trail causing MORE Trespassing--FIRES COMING to Hathaway Pines!

  Warning to Hathaway Pines residents: Criminals coming soon!!

Supervisor Callaway LIED!!  She is extending her Arnold Rim Trail to below the Calaveras Ranger Station in Hathaway Pines as we speak!!  We should sue her PERSONALLY!!!

   As if Hathaway doesn't already have enough trespassing and vandalism with some of the  type of people who live in that area already.

   Callaway assured us years ago that the RIM TRAIL would not invade Hathaway Pines. Why did she LIE???  

  Now we hear of criminals using the Rim Trail to hide out, homeless use it and build campfires to live, there are fires on the trail and no one does anything about it. 

  We DEMAND that CALLAWAY put up a Chain Link Fence between herself and vandals and the residents of Hathaway Pines.  I bet she would NEVER allow it to go through HER Forest Meadows!!


Anonymous said...

I tried to tell you you can't trust her. you don't listen

Anonymous said...

I hear they are taking it through forest meadows because merita wants it to.

Anonymous said...

The Arnold Rim trail is a wonderful treasure and natural attraction. If you see illegal activity call and report it to the Sheriff.