Saturday, September 8, 2018

Be careful where you donate money...Crooks in Calaveras

   Always double and triple check where you donate money you believe is going to a worthy

   Many learned that after seeing a New Jersey couple on Megyn Kelley's TV show they could donate money to a GoFundMe account supposedly for a homeless veteran.

   Now the homeless veteran claims the couple stole the money from him and spent it on themselves.

  GoFundMe has assured the veteran that they will reimburse him the at least $400,000 that was donated. The BMW the couple bought was hauled away and their home has been raided by police.

   We are aware here locally that donations to some people believed to be destitute was totally phony and we think its better to donate to a church or non-profit who will see to it where the funds should go.

   In one case we learned that indeed one of the couple locally had a high paying job and has since been able to retire as a result of donations, in addition to remodeling.  Yes, there are crooks in Calaveras County.

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