Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff Candidate DiBasilio now RUNNING from SCANDAL

   The most recent scandal at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office is DiBasilio's attempt to hire his CAMPAIGN manager on a $200,000 contract to repay her for running his campaign.

   Then we learned that it is very possible DiBasilio fudged on the NO CRIME report he allowed his close drinking buddy Oliveira to tell the public.

  There are so many scandals at this Sheriff's Office it is hard to keep track, whether it is his protection of dirty cops, or his love of violent racists or that he tosses complaints and criminal reports.

  Now he says he is afraid to show up at a candidate's night at Bret Harte High School later this month.  He should probably just drop out of the race now.

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Anonymous said...

HE is worse than that guy kunz