Saturday, September 15, 2018

Calaveras Supervisors want tighter rules on public

The three Calaveras Rats!
No Cannabis! No speaking!
   At the order of Gary Tofanelli and Dennis Mills, along with Clyde Clapp tagging along,
they got the Calaveras County Counsel to write up a whole new bunch of rules for the public.

   As Mills says, this is NOT a Democracy, it is a Republic and we conduct the county's business. We do not need interference (or comments) from the public.

   The Supervisors themselves insult the public, and each other, are rude and incompetent on most issues. Now that there is an election looming, they want NO criticism in the meetings!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but lots of BOOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone running for office who uses Mike Preston for a campaign chairman is a sorry excuse for a man. I hear preston is already threatening women again if they don't vote the way he says. Stay away from him. I think he's dangerous as a skunk in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that we have to have the women in the room clarify every darn thing said.

Losers with no experience in Government.

Anonymous said...

Those women in the room are the only people with any brains. They should be on the board instead.