Friday, September 14, 2018

Mokelumne HIll getting rid of PD, make it WORSE!

Design Review is much worse than Planned Development!
It gives a few power over other's land and buildings!
   With all the trouble that Planned Development has caused in Ebbetts Pass, we had previously been told that Mokelumne Hill actually liked being told what color they could paint their homes, etc.

   Now we see a Calaveras Supervisor agenda item to ELIMINATE PD from 102 parcels, but to ad a DESIGN REVIEW Combining Zone DR, to allow a small number of people control over YOUR property in that area.

   These few people cannot let go of control of other people's land and buildings.

  This is what Lisa Muetterties and Oliveira want to do to Arnold, just change the name from PD to DR and control everyone ELSE's land and buildings.

   Good thing Day O got their yellow building painted already!!!


Anonymous said...

Funny how Michael Oliveira's favorite little dump of a bar in Avery can look like it does, but they want to tell everyone else how their property should look? What a little tyrant. Mussolini Mike!

Unknown said...

Actually, I am on that committee and we want to improve Arnold and make it easier for people to open and improve their business within a timely manner and not get caught up in the red tape by the county. There has been PD in Arnold since 1988.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what oliverra and metterties want to do, make it 10 times worse. they have refused to just get rid of PD.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh. cause i was at the oliverra PD meeting where the people overwhelmingly voted to immediately END PD. Then Mutertis andd Maurere whispered to each other and she made everyone vote again, telling them she could make it better. What a crock of bull oliverra is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's a crock of somethin all right.

Anonymous said...

wait, lisa Muttertits was a part of developing Arnold PD years ago .her signatures are allover it
why the switcherooo?
does she want to abolish her creation now or fix it? either way...she made it lol. I thought Arnold was full of people want to keep it "untouched". I love it's mountain vibe and all the upgraded buildings that PD has caused now that the economy is booming again.....are their any business owners on this board
without PD everything will look like the old run down buildings that no one will improve
its really weird when realtors start colluding with supervisors to abolish community codes.
who profits if all the zoning regulations and codes go away?Do we want Arnold to become lawless and full of Valley springs type establishments?
that local board sounds suspect knowing lisa muttertits and alice montgomery are involved since those two peoplecan't sell their buildings without upgrading them
Why does Oliveira associate with this? He's been out of it all year...the lawyers at the county meetings have to guide him to the end of his statements...they have to ask ten times to clarify his he having trouble keeping track of the side deals and the secret promises? this is why you don't elect oakland cops to run your community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!