Thursday, September 6, 2018

Senator Harris exceeds expectations

   California's newest Senator Kamala Harris was amazing at yesterday's Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing. She asked him two very important questions which he did not want to answer.

   The first one was "What part of the MALE body does the law control and the government try to back up using the Supreme Court?"  Visibly disturbed, he finally said well, I guess not ANY!

   Then she asked him who he spoke to at a certain law firm about the Mueller case?  Again, he was very upset, trying to say he couldn't remember if he had or not, then Harris said "Be careful how you answer".

   Then Kavanaugh knew that she had evidence and he would have to recuse himself from any case involving Trump or Russia, so he kept saying he could not remember.  If you watched it, you knew that he remembers EVERYTHING very well.


Anonymous said...

This lady is truly a rising star - and just may be President some day!

Anonymous said...

Her or Corey Booker, there won't be the United States of America anymore! Only the elite socialists will survive, or maybe WW III in America with out outside interference.