Monday, September 17, 2018

Watch for cops in Jenny Lind--What cannabis grower are they after now?

  UPDATE:  We have been told that the deputies were surrounding the home because of reported spousal abuse.  This has not yet been verified.

UPDATE:  Within minutes the Code 33 (officer needs help) was lifted. An ambulance was requested. Air support was also cancelled.

UPDATE:  Whatever kind of attack this is, they have a 50 yard perimeter they are now calling tight.   September 17, 2018 at 9:15 AM:  Be extra cautious
if on Hwy 26 in Jenny Lind, as the cops are staging to attack someone, probably another cannabis farmer near Nichols Road, since
they requested a dog.

   We believe they are trying to spend all of the money that is left in the fund the growers paid $5000 each for permits!  Something is wrong with our temporary Sheriff DiBasilio.

   He never arrests any of the REAL criminals; the meth dealers and users, the thieves in Ebbetts Pass or the VIOLENT racists and DIRTY COPS!! 

   This is why the rest of the state LAUGHS at Calaveras County!  Our elected officials and especially the Sheriff are incompetent.

   Keep your children safe!  You never know what these deputies will do next!  We know some of them.


Anonymous said...

FYI, code 33 means is issued when they want all radio traffic to cease until they hear a code 4 from the officers on scene. It keeps the radio air open in the event that they need to call for help.

Anonymous said...

10-33 is an officer needs help. Code 33 is keep the airwaves clear.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 10-35 is officer needs back up. 10-33 is alarm sounding. I think...

Anonymous said...

since when does the sheriff surround a home to take down a spousal abuse suspect? Something wierd here.