Friday, December 7, 2018

OP-ED: Thank you for your support!

   The wants to thank all of our readers who support our efforts to expose the racists, the criminals, the dishonest and dishonorable elected officials and the dirty cops in Calaveras County.

   We especially want to thank those who write their appreciation to us an to express their empathy that we have to endure the filthy deeds of those ordered to assault us but too cowardly to attempt to murder us out in the open.

   Since the Calaveras Sheriff encourages these criminals and flatly refuses to protect us, we can only assume that he is assisting them in their efforts to silence the in any way necessary so that they can go on with their unconscionable acts.

   We will continue to expose anyone we feel or any act we are made aware of that affects the good of Calaveras County.

   We will not run, we will not hide and we will not weaken or refuse to publish the TRUTH.  If you see something published here that you can prove is less that accurate, please send us an email detailing the correct facts to

  We will review the article and correct anything proven to be inaccurate. You must sign your name to your email and include your phone number. Thank you!

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