Tuesday, January 8, 2019

OP-ED: Policy! Just a reminder: The Sierra Sentinel does not accept...

   Although we have posted this notice many time, we want to remind those affected that the Sierra Sentinel does not accept
comments, letters or any other postings from racists, dirty cops or otherwise corrupt individuals.

   The Sierra Sentinel does not necessarily agree or disagree with any publications on this site, and therefore, has not responsibility for its contents.

   As we have stated many times, if you read something you know to be inaccurate, send us an email
to sierrasentinel@goldrush.com with details, backed up by evidence as you know it.

   We consider every request and want to correct any incorrect information; however, we, like most all publications in this day and age, are opinion journalists.

   If you don't like or agree with our opinions, simply go read a different site.  Here, you will likely see criticism of all political factions, as whomever writes, sees them.

   The Sierra Sentinel does not accept paid advertising, so that no one can sway our opinions.

   Have a wonderful year, and enjoy the Sierra Sentinel, which continues to grow in popularity, as we specifically follow politics.

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