Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How embarrassing for Lisa Muetterties...Callaway says NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!?????

   At the January 8, 2019 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, it became public that Michael
Oliveira's old Planning Director Lisa Muetterties was not giving up her power easily.

   She had applied to stay on as District 3 Planning Director, in spite of the fact that the woman she detests  and campaigned against wildly, WON over Oliveira.

   Without any lengthy comment, Supervisor of District 3 Merita Callaway chose Michelle Plotnick to be her rep on the Planning Commission.

   What on earth was Muetterties thinking?  LOSERS stay LOSERS!!!  Go play with your cohort Michael Preston, who you have been filmed with in public. Maybe he will let you shoot off his gun!!!


Anonymous said...

This is music to my ears

Anonymous said...

What a sad story.