Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Racists cause neighbor problems EVERYWHERE!

  If you follow the scary White Supremacists who worship Trump at all,  you know there is yet another group started up by a man named
McInnes called Proud Boys!

   When we first read about it we thought it was a gay men's club, but it turns out its a Trump lovers racist white males only club.

   McInnes and his wife apparently moved into a neighborhood just north of NYC and many
neighbors put HATE HAS NO PLACE HERE signs in their yards.

   The extremist leader sent them all letters complaining and calls the signs an attack on his family, and now his wife is threatening to sue THEM!

   McInness has been lauded by people like Richard Spencer and David Duke for his racist and anti-semetic comments.

   The Sentinel doesn't believe there could be anything worse than having a rampant racist neighbor, do you?

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