Friday, April 12, 2019

New CAO to take over in Calaveras County

   As has been the usual custom every year or so, Calaveras County Supervisors are planning to appoint yet another CAO to run
the county Administrative Office for the next year.

   As of April 16, 2019 Dr. Albert G. Alt will take over the responsibility of running the county. It isn't clear exactly how much he will be paid, although the contract is included in the packet.

   His previous experience is working in a college administration.


Anonymous said...

And his wife has been having an affair with an administrator at the sheriffs office...lots of dirty cops there

Anonymous said...

wow, that's two now. Remember the previous public works director, his background? Yet the bos had hired him, only to find out in the end he was a flake! In it for the pay, retirement and ability to do nothing. Calaveras must be a magnet?