Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Happened to Petraeus.....E-mail Search

  What a shock to see General Petraeus resigning his post at the CIA due to an extra-marital affair.

   The fascinating thing about it is that after one person reported the possibility, the FBI was able to reclaim all the deleted e-mails proving the affair and possibly more.

   Just last week, Supervisor Spellman was caught in an e-mail scandal that will most likely bring down his stint as Supervisor of District 5.

   During the investigation, there were those involved who said things like,"oh, I've deleted everything, so no one can find it."  That's a laugh!

   How naive and stupid can one person be!  There is no such thing as deleting or recycling with no record on your hard drive. All it takes is a good technician to retrieve evidence for whatever reason, and they can be used against you in a court of law.

    What this means is that everyone needs to be careful of what they write in an e-mail. If you think you are writing to a person you can trust, surprise when you find your e-mail has been forwarded to a whole group of people for their own intent and purpose.

   How embarassing, not to mention life changing.  Be wise, and NEVER trust Supervisor Spellman. He will use you for whatever purpose he needs at the moment. Believe me, one certain person has learned that the hard way.

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