Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's Happened to Copper Community Plan?

   After hearing all kinds of rumors and complaints that the Copperopolis Community Plan is yet again being run by the developers and realtor types in Copperopolis, we sent
an e-mail to the Planning Director to ask for details.

   We requested the "good, the bad and the ugly" as that is what we had been hearing. What did we get? SILENCE!!

   Not one word. Has it been shut down until after the elections for fear it will make a certain Supervisor look bad?

   We want to know if every single member of the public, those residents who are not using the plan to make another million dollars, are speaking up.

   Talk is that the answer is "NO" and that they are not even attending because the "BIG SHOTS" in Copper are in "CONTROL"!

   We feel they should have been filming every single meeting, so that the residents know the TRUTH!

   Not likely? NOPE!  Poli-tics as usual in Calaveras County.  If we ever hear anything except "soap box" talk we'll let you know.

   Now, don't go stirring things up and affect this election for Tom Tryon! He could get upset!!!

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Anonymous said...

Couple more weeks they should have another meeting. The issue of the day is the VISION Statement. 10 to 15 people were in attendance last meeting. Their board, planning staff and public works director was almost equal number of attendees. Tom Tryon was absent.