Saturday, September 7, 2013

Al Segalla and Anita Paque on Assessment Appeals Board ?

   On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 agenda, the Calaveras Board of Supervisors have two applicants who want to serve on the Tax Assessment Appeals Board.

   The pay is $65 per meeting and no one likes you if you are on that Board, but both Anita Paque, attorney wife of Jim Jones,(retired Calaveras County Counsel) and who has run for County Clerk is previous elections without success;  and Al Segalla, head of some taxpayers tea party club, have applied.

   If you need money that badly, we feel for you, but no one should ever be appointed to a committee or Board representing Calaveras County if you have a conflict of interest.

   Mr. Segalla, along with being very active among the tea party people in the county,  and serves with them in a club that supposedly is only on the behest of taxpayers. That has never been determined in any way whatsoever. Mr. Segalla has also run for elective office without prior success.

   Everyone knows since it is on film, that he is NOT property rights. He spent every possible moment of his time at the microphone of many meetings praising Rebecca Willis and her anti-property rights General Plan.   The taxpayers club is a definite conflict of interest.

    Ms. Paque serves on the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFco), which we don't see as a direct conflict of interest. 

   If these two people are appointed by the Board of Calaveras Supervisors, word will go out that they are the two most disliked people around.

      After all, they will be being paid with OUR TAX MONEY to screw the taxpayers who DARE to challenge their tax bill.   We will be watching every Assessment Appeal!


Anonymous said...

Why do you think the Board of Supervisors created this board; so they don't get more people hating them!

Anonymous said...

Actually I think its hilarious. i'm sure he can be brought around to being totally pro-tax. After all, he easily became Willis' favorite sucker, falling for everything she told him.

Anonymous said...

Segalla or Segale, that one who comes to Board meetings to talk? He's got to make a living doing something, so why not this?

Anonymous said...

They already sit on the Assessment Appeals Board. This is a re-appointment.
They meet the standards for appointment.
The question should be how well versed in Property Taxes Law Guide (3 volumes) are they?