Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Rig Rolls on Hwy 49 near County line

     September 11, 2013:  According to the CHP report, Michael Kidd, Sr (57) of San Jacinto was driving a 2007  Freightliner with a loaded tanker trailer on Hwy 49 south of the Amador/Calaveras County line around 1:30 PM yesterday, September 10, 2013.

    The trailer was carrying a non-hazardous slurry used in concrete.  Kidd claimed that his brakes on the trailer failed and he was unable to control the vehicle.

   It rolled onto the passenger side and then collided with the guardrail. The Freighliner continued over the side of the embankment, rolling over and coming to rest on its drivers side.

   During the collision, the passenger, Tonia Kidd (56) of San Jacinto, who was in the sleeper cab, was ejected from the vehicle and was found approximately 50 feet from the vehicle.

   An unknown amount of the trailers contents spilled onto the dirt embankment, however no waterways were affected.

     The roadway was closed for an extended amount of time to recover the vehicle and safely remove the contents of the trailer to prevent any further spilling.

    Michael Kidd was transported to Sutter Amador Hospital via ambulance with moderate injuries. Tonia Kidd was transported to Memorial Hospital in Modesto with major injuries.

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