Monday, June 22, 2015

Three car collision in Groveland

   According to CHP on June 20, 2015 around 4:55 PM Robert F. Kelly (18) of Alexandria, Virginia was driving a 2012 Lexus on Hwy 120 in Groveland, carrying passengers Mark DeBettencourt, age and address unknown and Bridget Denzel (19) of Sunnyvale, at about 55 MPH.

  He was following behind Isaac MontoyaRamos (24) of Antioch driving a 2015 Nissan at around 45 MPH with one passenger Dunyau Magsuodi (23) of Concord.

   MontoyaRamos was on Hwy 120 approaching Smith Station Road in Groveland, and slowed to about 15 MPH as he activated his left turn signal in preparation to turn onto Smith Station Road.

   Mr. Kelly failed to slow in time to avoid the Nissan. The Lexus's front impacted the rear of the Nissan.

   After that collision, the Lexus swerved to the left and into the oncoming lane. Mr. Kelly's Lexus then impacted the left front of a 2014 Nissan driven by Christine Kassa (60) of Hinsdale, Illinois.

   Ms. Kassa had three passengers, Michael Skaredoff (58) of Hinsdale, Illinois, Katie Sulin, age unknown of Oakbrook, Illinois and a female juvenile of Hinsdale, Illinois.

      All three vehicles sustained major damage.

    Mr. Kelly was transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. and Ms. Denzel was transported to Memorial Medical Center with moderate injuries.  DeBettencourt was also transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries at the time.

   Mr. MontoyaRamos and his passenger Ms. Magsuodi declined treatment.

   Mr. Kassa was transported to Doctor's Medical Center with moderate injuries. All three of her passengers were transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center with injuries that were unknown at the time.

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