Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are your trees dying??? Neighbors from HELL # 17

  Think about it!        

   Are any or several of your trees dying, but you notice that NONE of your neighbor next door's trees seem affected, get worried...sadly, we have been told one couple (especially the woman)
are apparently very ill.

   Was this mentally ill couple (lead by the woman),  extremely angry when they didn't get your piece of property next to them?? Could they now have now poisoned many of the trees on this property.

   Have a soil test for any possible poisons that could cause it. This man has told others that he gets even with everyone for anything remotely upsetting to him.

   Do not immediately assume it is the drought or bugs because it most likely is NOT. They are trying to drive you and other neighbors who know about them, out of their homes, and we have been told by several people that the Calaveras Sheriff and DA are doing nothing to stop it.

  Think its impossible?  Talk to the neighbors on the far side of those next door.  Remember, this is Calaveras County, where way too many nut cases are allowed to abuse others by our incompetent and corrupt law enforcement officials.

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