Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Calaveras Political sign laws strict??

Karen Strohmeyer in action, cutting
OUR tree branches so she could
shine a bright light on our back door!
We have reported to the cops that
we feel she is mentally unstable and
potentially dangerous!
  In Lodi there has been a controversy over political signs and recently the City Council has increased the number of signs allowed on properties to 4.

   In Calaveras County and specifically District 3, during the Supervisor Oliveira
campaign, his campaign committee, Michael Preston and Karen Strohmeyer, placed 7 campaign signs on her property line facing our property only (NOT visible from any roadway) because we refuse to support corrupt and sick candidates like Oliveira and his racist gun thugs.

   Everyone we told said she must be totally nuts, just like Preston!

   When we filed a complaint with Rebecca Turner and the Calaveras Sheriff, they did

nothing.  Does the corruption in Calaveras County government continue??

   Oliveira has proven that what we feared about him was true. He is corrupt, attacking personally Debbie Ponte repeatedly, along with using his campaigners to illicit threats to those who oppose him.

   Karen Strohmeyer told the District Attorney during an interview, that SHE VOTED against putting up the signs when she and Preston and her husband discussed it, but we question that statement. In fact, it shows she admits to it being a conspiracy between she and Preston and Oliveira, since they were HIS signs.


Anonymous said...

Preston, Stomyer, Mcmanas, olivera, behm and a guy who was once a postal clerk baker I think are all involved in a conspiracy. it isn't just preston and stomyer. You should hear the talk. I think they're all racist thugs and are in love with their candidate olivera.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this was all that 'genius" preston's idea. he took it to oliveira, who must have approved it. then he went to stovmyer ans she loves him so she agreed. preston told her that we would move away, cause he got others to move away out of fear of him. The conspiracy rgrew to beam when it didn't work. Haven't you gotten any threats to close down the site or to move, probly anonymously?these people are all nut cases, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss Merita Callaway...

Anonymous said...

you can thank chapel members for losing her. they must just loooove olivera.

Anonymous said...

these turkeys will never enforce sign laws. they're the ones who just insult people, put signs anywhere, on any property without permission. olivera was the worst.