Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thank you Supervisor Ponte

   We want to thank Supervisor Debbie Ponte of Calaveras District 4 for assisting us with getting rid of two junk vehicles on Hwy 4. One was an abandoned camper and the other a trailer.

   We understand that Caltrans also put pressure on the removal group at Calaveras County for their help.  Unfortunately, Supervisor Oliveira, in whose district the camper was parked, said "it's not my job, man."


Anonymous said...

Sometimes competent elected officials go above and beyond their job description to assist the county or city due to their stature or position held. Detailed job descriptions are for low level employees not elected officials

Anonymous said...

At least one goes above and beyond for the good of the voters

Anonymous said...

Debbie is first class and will be missed when out of office