Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Calaveras County fails to collect $10M for BUTTE FIRE--Edson knew!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on October 11, 2016 the Auditor's Officer Rebecca Callen advised the public that they are being denied much of the grant funding from FEMA that they had hoped to collect due to the Butte Fire.

   Per Callen, she had reminded all departments that they needed to document in detail all projects thoroughly.  It's more than $10,000,000 the county may lose due to poor documentation and claiming items not covered.

   Supervisor Oliveira wanted to know who was aware that the OIG was investigating our claim?  Callen advised him that Supervisor Edson was aware all along. Edson sat silent while this was going on.

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Anonymous said...

What departments does this affect?

Were they budgeting based on receiving these funds?

Were there other Supervisors who were aware of this or is Edson the only one?

What items were claimed but turn out to not be covered?