Saturday, October 8, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Remember when?

   Dear Editor:

   My wife and I were discussing the time when Republicans took the so-called high ground and claimed to be the morally best of the two parties.

   No longer can they EVER say that again!  Now that they all continue to support Donald Trump, they are the lower form-the ones without morals who care not about women.

   Even though Ryan disinvited Trump to today's event, none of them have actually unendorsed him. That proves it!

   I do remember when it was different!

   R in Copperopolis


Anonymous said...

Remember? I was one of them. No more!!! The party of Trump is not Christian or any other faith. Anti-minority and women. Hateful, nasty and not worth anyone's time.

Anonymous said...

The only way to fix this is to stop allowing tp types and racists to get elected locally. We need to be more careful

Anonymous said...

That woman Reinke must be sooooo proud!! She supports him. GOP leader in Cal. whe and that mills gal.