Friday, October 14, 2016

Men who never grow up!! Women will decide this election!

  We seem to be watching a 70+ year old man who has never had to grow up; has never been taught to show respect and who really believes it's ok to lie and lie and lie.

   Everyone knows someone like that. They can't hold a job!  Their fathers taught them the worst habits and how to use others to get out of work.  We don't think anyone ever thought one would be running for President, though!

   Women will decide the outcome of the 2016 election. It's time they take a stand on behalf of their children and grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

You're being way too nice. This morning on TV alone, he was called a sociopath and a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

We all know that he was a millionaire playboy. What about the woman that said while sitting next to him on a plane he was like an octopus and then she said enough was enough when he starting going up her dress? Why didn't she stop the unwanted touching immediately? I think some women just liked his attention and just went along with it. And now they are bringing up unwanted attention 20-30 years later. Looks suspicious to me. It's up to the women to say "no". There are a lot of men out there that think if a woman lets them, why not. However, there are a lot of good, decent men too.

Anonymous said...

I have to presume those coming forward will or are already being sued - so knowing that, would they deliberately ask to be sued, so to speak, and go though all the turmoil, expense, and commotion of being sued, if there were no basis for their claims?? Think about that.