Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Calaveras Planning Commissioners NUTS????

   Calaveras County has 5 Planning Commissioners, all appointed by the Supervisor of the District they represent, but without any legal or land knowledge.

   Therefore, we have FIVE Planning Commissioners, most of whom are AGAINST people who want to farm cannabis in our county.

   More and more, the Calaveras Supervisors are getting appeals for the most INSANE reasons. The most recent one was because MR. WOOSTER (you remember, the one who insulted Hispanics), said he did not believe the landowner owned the land by May 10, 2016.   This is the most crazy stuff and is obviously without merit!!

  In January 2017, there will be three new Supervisors, therefore bringing changes to THREE Planning Commissioners.  Thank goodness for that!!  What a waste of time!! What a state of prejudice against growers of cannabis!!! They should SUE Calaveras County!!

   Are the current planning commissioners NUTS??? Or are they just a bunch of  HICKS????


Anonymous said...

Those 5 are intentionally just denying and denying and denying. It is abuse of the law by elected and appointed officials.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The county is arbitrarily denying people the right to grow for personal reasons.

Anonymous said...

That muttertis peron is the worst. and I hear she wants oliveras job.