Friday, November 11, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Why Trumpism?

      Dear SierraSentinel Editor:

    I think that one of the reasons Trumpism happened is because of over extreme pushes
for "political correctness".

   If you remember a few years ago there was even forced politeness being instituted in the schools to keep children from expressing themselves and at the county there were signs forcing the public to speak as THEY speak.

   Personally, I believe that was a part of this revolution by white males, especially those with less education, in addition to their racist beliefs. 

   Isn't trying to shut people up by telling them they don't speak properly trying to take away their 1st Amendment rights, after all? People got madder and madder about that.

   Just sayin' in San Andreas


Anonymous said...

I don't dispute that some people voted for Trump because he took a stand against political correctness. It's probably true.

But I don't think political correctness is the same as putting someone down because they are less articulate at a meeting. IMO it is very politically incorrect to shame somebody in any setting for flaws of grammar or vocabulary. Or because English is not their first language, for that matter. Anyone doing that should be told to knock it off. By everyone present.

That does not mean that people can use their lack of education or language skills to insult others by using the N word or other derogatory terms that are racist, sexist or hateful. Many of us grew up hearing such terms used and it was wrong then and it's wrong now. The difference is that we are now adults and responsible for our behavior in a way we weren't as young kids. Political correctness is a good thing because it shows respect for friends and strangers alike. And it means we are less likely to pass on the racist and hateful attitudes many of us were exposed to as kids. You don't need a college education to know racism is wrong.

One more thing: Some people think it doesn't matter if you say sexist things when there are no women present or use the N word when there are no blacks present. Not so, even if your just kidding around. Someone in the group will take your use of such terms as permission for them to do it too. More than you might imagine, you are a role model to someone else; people will follow your lead. Don't put them on the wrong track.

Anonymous said...

pure racism!!! trumpism is Nazi racism.

Anonymous said...

DEMOcrats,in California, love child prostitution! Look at the law they just created. California is a Democrat CESSPOOL in need of a pumping and removal of the SEPTIC sludge.