Thursday, November 17, 2016

Motorhome arson investigation

  UPDATE:  We just learned that Shields turned himself in at the Sheriff's Office in San Andreas. The arrest was allegedly for Arson: Property, a felony.

  According to the Calaveras Sheriff, a motorhome on Nickerson Lane in Murphys went up in flames and a man was seen running from the site.  The Sheriff says marijuana was involved somehow.

   Deputies arrested 45 year old Quinn Morgan Shields of Railroad Flat for his alleged involvement in the arson investigation. Can they do that??  It was a 1949 Chevrolet RV????  There was an argument over utilities apparently.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, yeah. The RV was a lot older than he was. On the other hand, people really should respect their elders even if it is just an RV.

According to other sites, there was a registered marijuana grow in the RV and the dispute was over the electric bill. Seems to me, if you grow the weed you gotta pay the electric bill. Or else grow outside like in the old days.

Anonymous said...

Seen running from the scene of an arson fire? And he has a motive. How can they not arrest him?