Sunday, February 5, 2017

If Calaveras bans growing cannabis, we are a HICK county

More booze, Mr. BigPot?.
   All talk these days is either about our loco, incompetent President Trump or our lowly educated and highly racist and irrational, right wing tea party hick elected Supervisors.

   The only Calaveras Supervisor with any good sense is Garamendi, who has the education to know what is best for us, to regulate cannabis farms.

     We see the real problem is with our out of control and corrupt Sheriff's department, who lets the real criminals go in order to chase pot growers.

   If these 5 ban cannabis in this county, or if the voters who know its a beneficial product here don't bother to vote, then we truly are the HICK county everyone calls us and we deserve what we get!

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Anonymous said...

Garamendi said put to a vote and honor that vote!